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1.    Can you deliver/ship an order to  [insert non-legal state here]  ??
NO, according to the Controlled Substances Act interstate commerce by any means is illegal. Until cannabis is federally legalized, any online orders must be picked up in person, in store. We do hope that our online menu allows you to get your eye on that vacation-making treat and browse our full selection until you are able to visit us!
2.    What do I need to come in your store?

You will need a form of valid photo identification proving you are over 21. Government-issued photo IDs from U.S. states and territories — including Guam, Puerto Rico and American Samoa — are accepted, as are passports from the United States or internationally. The guard at the door will ask for your ID, but do not put it away yet because your budtender will ask again.


No matter what kind of identification you’re using, make sure it’s in good condition. We have to clearly be able to see your face, the expiration date, the state seal, and your birthday because we need to know if it was tampered with in any way.

Make sure to leave all weapons and marijuana products outside of the dispensary, including vape pens, pepper spray, and pocket knives. 

3.   What is the rewards program?

By storing your information in our Point of Sale system, which is not connected to any services or databases outside of our dispensary, we can keep track of what products you buy, when your last purchase was, and how many reward points you have accumulated. Never forget that amazing new brand of gummies you tried last time. 


Every dollar you spend before tax is one point, and 100 points equals five dollars off. Points accumulate so 200 points is ten dollars off, 300 points is fifteen dollars off, and they never expire!


Conditions: Use a maximum of $40 off in any one transaction. Non-marijuana items may be discounted in full, all marijuana-containing products may be discounted to cost but cannot be sold for less than wholesale cost per federal regulation. 

4.   Are you cash only?

While cash is the most dependable way to purchase in dispensaries, we also have an on-site ATM or a cashless 
ATM card reader in our dispensaries. Both have a $3 fee associated, so we recommend stopping at your bank's ATM with no fees, or using the cashless ATM for convenience. 

5.   Do you offer any discounts?

We not only have rockin' discounts every day for military and medical members, but we also have a prize wheel with cash prizes, free paraphernalia, and percentage discounts. You must spend $100 or more or come in the day of your birthday to spin the wheel. We have various other discounts throughout the year, so follow our social medias to see the most current deals!



Check out the DEALS tab to see what's on sale or

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Instagram: @pueblo404dispensary

6.   What if I have a medical card?

Welcome! You are more than welcome to shop with us, and we offer you a 15% discount, which we can store on your account so you only have to show your card when you renew it. Unfortunately, since we are a recreational shop, we do not carry high-dose products and cannot exceed the recreational limit of one ounce per day, per person. 

7.   Do you carry CBD products?

Yes, we carry a variety of edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges and more! Order online or call in store!

8.   Where are you located?

In the heart of downtown Pueblo, on the intersection of West 4th Street and North Greenwood Street. We have a neon sign you cannot miss! 

Take exit 99A toward 6th street, and after about 1/2 mile turn left onto Elizabeth Street. In 500 feet, turn left onto West 4th Street, then left again onto North Greenwood Street where you will immediately see our parking lot entrance to your right. Please refrain from entering our parking lot from 4th Street, as we have limited space and go one way from Greenwood to 4th.

9.   Where can I park?  

We have parking on Greenwood on either side of the street for parallel parking or our parking lot with handicap accessible spaces.

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